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Link My Fan is a online social networking service that provides a content management platform on which to put all of your online branding content. Fan's can share Right Now status updates with +Elements; 1000 Character Post, Photo Gallery, Video, Music, Links, News, and more from LinkMyFan to 50+ social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. LinkMyFan ... more

Referred by: Peter Tosto on Sep 2, 2013 at 7:48 PM
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Peter Tosto Refer Me Details
9/2/13 @ 7:48 PM

Link My Fan is an incredibly useful online social networking content management platform.

With the Right Now status feature which I will have to say is amazing for several reasons. Those being the +element features so that you can add multiple content elements to one post.

No longer do you need to create 5 posts to display each thing you want people to see with Right Now all you need is one. In one Right Now post you can already include a video, picture gallery, link, new release, audio file / song amazing for a band or artist to expand their audience.

Also the Right Now feature is incredible to a company like Nike for instance to launch a new shoe and create a Right Now campaign with all of the elements. The pictures, the video the link to buy it the news release about it, the song they want to go with it.

The other reasons for Link My Fan is well the Refer Me what a way to drive business and introduce people to each other through this great tool I love that it only goes live after the member who is being referred approves it. Avoids bashing.

So I am Referring Link My Fan to anyone and everyone who wants to manage their content easier while still increasing their social networking impact. I find that when I use Link My fan and post to Right Now and then share to Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter my shares and interactions from the Right Now share are a lot more than from the other platforms a lot more.

Check it out. Definitely Join Link My FAN. It will all get so much easier and much more results. Use your other social platforms with Link My Fan.

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Tom Powers

Let the fun begin

Tom Powers

Let the fun begin

Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc.

Very helpful post


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