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Referred by: Peter Tosto on Feb 13, 2014 at 5:56 PM
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2/13/14 @ 5:56 PM

I love Link My Fan Movies. The updates they provide about which films are opening and when DVDs are coming out is awesome. The Right Now posts are really great to see the trailers and when their is an article about the movie or actor in it and it's attached to the Right Now makes it so easy to see everything. I love Link My Fan Movies. I can't wait for people to start leaving comments under the movies. After awhile you get to see the same people and can figure out which peoples comments you agree with. This makes it a lot easier when I am deciding what t watch if I see a comment from someone that matches up with my tastes on other films. I am more likely to watch one they like that I have not seen yet. So please people leave comments under the Movies so we can see what we all like.

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