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VIP Tour Group

My husband surprised me with a VIP Tour Group Honeymoon package on our wedding night. I was so excited and, I admit, a little nervous too because I had never been outside the country. more

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Hip Hop Bling

I love HipHopBling because I can get great looking jewelry for a low price. Their earrings and necklaces are absolutely beautiful and they look real. Whenever I don't want to spend a lot of money on jewelry but I want to get something that will actually last, I go straight for HipHopBling. more

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Roxanne StClaire is an awesome Tech Guru, I love reading her breaking news about Social Media #startups and trending articles. I always find out new marketing information from her Mashable or TechCrunch insights. more

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Entertainment is an excellent source for my Hollywood news and gossip! One of my favorite TV Show's is Big Brother and I love reading the show recaps if I ever miss the broadcast. I always find movie trailers I can not wait to see in theaters! more

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